Four weekdays now, still no reply from Support for dead screen on pen display after only THREE DAYS OF USE!

Not a peep from support. IT just says "being processed", and actually it has changed people twice now who are supposed to be "working on it".
My screen died after only three days of use. Everything else works (in fact, if I wanted to, I could use it as a regular - albeit very large - regular non-video tablet).
I've already tried everything I could, from drivers, to checking device manager, to other ports, to other computers, to changing cables, etc.
It's the screen. PERIOD.
I have proof it was within the 7 days after unboxing period (made a video the very first day and published on youtube). And I have also sent a video to Huion demonstrating the issue.
After all of that, still no reply from them.
THey only replied on one of my posts on their social media to ask for the ticket number, which I gave back on Thursday. After that, nothing.
So... what's up HUION? Are you going to continue to ignore me?
Because I'm happy to keep bombarding ALL your social media with negative comments on your products and support.

  • Hi  Oscar Blanco,  we are sorry for the late reply. We currently have high ticket volume and we are working hard to address all tickets as soon as we can. We have recently replied to your ticket and rest assured we will assist you in resolving your concern. We are hoping for your patience and understanding.

    If you don't see our reply in your Inbox, kindly check your Spam or Trash folders. You can add our email to your whitelist to ensure that our emails won't be treated as spam. 

    Best regards, 

    HUION Customer Support

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