Huion H640P stuttering/not working properly

Hello. so I've been using my huion h640p for more than a year now. i have not used it too often, only in circumstances that i need a tablet for. I have taken proper care of the tablet, made sure to put it in the bag after i used it and made sure to never go full press on the pen let alone the tablet. The only thing that can remotely be counted as damage is using the tablet without the glove for 4 uses in 2 weeks and thats it.

And recently i have noticed that the tablet does not seem to respond properly. when i start drawing on the tablet, it works for 1 second and then stop, works for 1 second again a stops like its stuttering/unable to register that I'm moving the pen around.

The thing i also noticed is the light on the tablet, does not light up when the pen is 1cm off the tablet (normaly it would light up) it only works when i press the pen on the tablet and it only reliably (50% of the time) start responding when I'm very slowly moving the pen and the second i speed up it stops.

I have restarted my computer multiple times, restarted the software, reinstalled the software and the firmware, changed cables, changed nibs in case and im still having these difficulties.

Does anyone have any clue as to what would cause this issue and is there a way i can fix this?

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  • Hi  Black shadow,  we appreciate the steps you've done to try to resolve your issue. 

    To troubleshoot, may you please tell us if the light flashes briefly when:

    1) You plug in the tablet;

    2) The pen touches the tablet surface;

    3)You press the tablet hotkeys.

    Moreover, may you please tell us whether the pen works without any driver installed.

    Best regards, 

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello.

    1) yes the light flashes when i plug it in.

    2) it works when the pen touches the tablet, doe i have to press harder on it to make it work.

    3) hotkeys work as intended.

    The pen works without any drivers installed, i just unninstalled both the huion software and firmware, the thing i noticed is the light did flashed when the pen was near the tablet after i just unninstalled the drivers but thats the only time it flashed, rest of the attempts it didnt. drawing is the same case, very inconsistent, works 50% of the time when im drawing it very slowly. 

  • Hi  Black shadow,  does your tablet driver show "Device connected" when you connect your tablet to your computer? May you please provide a video so we can clearly see your problem? You can upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and please make sure to remove the restriction so anyone who has the link will be able to view it.

    Best regards, 

    HUION Customer Support

  • here

    i made sure that only when you hear a taping sound is when i touch the tablet with my pen. same thing when im spinning the pen around the tablet, i didnt touch the tablet till you dont hear me draw on it.

  • Hi  Black shadow, thank you for providing the video.  We will create a ticket for you so we can look into this issue. Please reply to us in the ticket and provide the product information so we can help you efficiently. 

    Best regards, 

    HUION Customer Support

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