New Inspiroy does not work

Purchased new Inspiroy H430P. Installed on iMac running macOS Catalina. Installed the Huion app and driver.

App works, recognizes the tablet, tablet connects to the app.

MacOS System Preferences recognizes the Inspiroy, defined in Privacy settings.\

The pen does not work at all, totally no reaction on the tablet.

S/N A1T41SHO7107

Please advise asap


Harvey Sapir

  • Hi  Harvey Sapir, we are sorry to be informed about your pen issue. Please don't worry, we will help you to solve the problem.

    To troubleshoot, may you please tell us if the light flashes briefly when:
    1) You plug in the tablet;
    2) The pen touches the tablet surface;
    3)You press the tablet hotkeys.

    Moreover, does the pen work even without a driver installed?

    Best regards, 

    HUION Customer Support

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