My power adapter broke on me KAMVAS PRO 13

Recently after purchasing my kamvas pro 13 and waiting after taking 2 weeks for it to arrive, i've came into trouble when one night after plugging the power adapter in and turned it on. A loud pop and a spark later i found out my power adapter broke, but left uncertain if the tablet still works after unplugging the presumed fault adapter i could smell a faint smell of burn a plastic from the adapter. The tablet seemed fine and nothing seems visible but i remain unsure


has anyone came into trouble with yours as well ?

i'm waiting on a reply from huion if it could be be fixed or replaced. Hopely it's just the adapter, either way i'm left with an expensive paper weight until this problem could be resolved 

  • Hi Jackmun20, I'm sorry to know about your power adapter and I hope you were not hurt in any way when it happened. May I know if you plugged your power adapter directly to the power outlet or did you use an adapter or an extension cord? 

    All Huion products come with a one year warranty. This applies to all purchases made from our authorized online and offline platforms that can be found in our system. (Note: Man-made damages are not covered with this warranty)

    I saw that you already have a ticket so I will reply to it and assist you further from there. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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