h610pro V2 no reaction for small movements

Hello, I am trying to find out why my h610 doesn't react for small pen movements. For example: I need to make a short line. Something happens after +-5mm of move? Anybody knows how to solve this? Thank a lot for Your help. Kuba

  • Hi Jakub Pavlíček, the H610Pro V2 should be able to handle small movements. Kindly try these steps:

    1. Change your pen's nib with a new one and make sure there are no dusts inside the pen. Having dust particles inside the pen's tip may affect the pen's performance.
    2. Make sure there are no other electromagnetic devices near your tablet such as mobile phones. 
    3. Try to use the tablet without the driver and check if the tablet still won't react to small movements. This will help us determine if the issue is caused by the driver or by other factors. If there's no issue without the driver, then the issue is caused by the driver. But if the issue is still encountered even without the driver, then it is caused by other factors.
    4. Try to reinstall your tablet driver and make sure there are no other tablet drivers installed on your computer. And make sure that your tablet is not connected to your computer as you reinstall the tablet driver. You can download the latest driver using this link: H610Pro V2 Graphic Tablet Drivers.

    Please let me know if the steps above resolve your issue or not.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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