Pen pressure in photoshop

Hey I downloaded a driver the other day and came across the greatness of pen pressure however photoshop had an update and now the pen pressure isn’t working in it I’m not really sure what to do I feel asthough I have tryed everything help me please
  • Hi storm jeffery, may I know the following:

    • The driver version you installed
    • Photoshop version before and after the update
    • Your tablet's model. If you are not sure, please provide your tablet's serial number so I can check it for you.

    Kindly try to uninstall your tablet driver, unplug your tablet, reboot your computer and reinstall your tablet driver again. Just make sure your tablet is not connected to your computer as you reinstall the driver. Oftentimes, after a software update, reinstalling the driver will resolve the issue. If, however, it does not, please try the following:

    • Try using the tablet without the tablet driver. 
    • Then try it again with the driver. You can also try using an older driver version to check if the older version will work.
    • Try using your tablet with another computer if you have access to another one and check if the pen pressure works in another computer.

    If all steps above do not work, you can send an email to with the following information to be further assisted:

    • Purchase order number
    • Link where you purchased your tablet
    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet)
    • A video that clearly shows your issue. You can just use your phone in taking the video provided that it clearly captures it and send it through WeTransfer or upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive. If the latter, please make sure you remove the restrictions so anyone who has the link will be able to view it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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