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Hi, I had a huion GT-220 V2 for quite some time now, and I started having problems with my pen, I checked online and it recommended me to uninstall and reinstall the most resent driver. However, now my huion is constantly disconected, I can't do anything. I don't know what else to do so I'm asking for help. 

  • Hi Marianne Ouellet, the GT-220 v2 has 2 types: one with 2048 pen pressure and the other with 8192 pen pressure. If you have installed Driver_14.8.90 (Windows) or Driver_14.4.4.191025 (Mac) and it is showing as disconnected, then most probably your tablet is the GT-220 v2 2048 version. Thus, please install Driver_12.4.2 (Windows) or Driver_11.1.8 (Mac).

    If you continue to have "Device disconnected" issue even when installing the right driver for your tablet, please follow the troubleshooting steps found in this article: What To Do When Huion Driver Shows Device Disconnected?

    You can contact us through if these steps still do not resolve your issue and provide the following information:

    • Purchase order number
    • Product serial number (found at the back of your tablet)
    • Link where you purchased your tablet
    • A video that clearly captures your issue. If you can take a video as you perform the troubleshooting steps, that would be very helpful. You can send the video through WeTransfer or upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive and provide the link to us. If it's the latter, please make sure you remove the restrictions so anyone who has the link will be able to view the video.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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