can you use a h420 to draw on an acer chorme book 14

im wondering because i want to start drawing and this is the only laptop i have ( im saving for an i pad so if you have any recomandations please tell me)

  • Hi BrawlHallaBoT, generally, when you connect your HUION tablet to your Chromebook computer, it will have the basic functions similar to a mouse. As of the moment, we are sorry to inform you that we don’t have any drivers available for Chromebooks. And since there is no tablet driver, you will not be able to have any pen pressure nor be able to setup the press keys. 

    For some HUION tablet models that are compatible with Android 6.0 or later, the pen pressure feature may be available since Linux is used as kernel in both Chromebook and Android. Unfortunately, H420 is not compatible with Android 6.0 or later so there won't be any pen pressure nor button functions. We suggest you purchase models that has Android compatibility such as HS611, HS610, HS64, H430P, H640P, H950P, H1060P, H1161, H320M or Q620M. Feel free to purchase our tablet through our official online store at

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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