H320m android calibration problem

Device: H320M Phone: Google Pixel 3XL Version: Android 10 Huion Sketch: V1.1.7 I am using my Huion tablet connected to my android phone, when connected i was expecting only part of the tablet surface to work on for drawing on android ( but instead the whole area works with android which is great but has a problem. I noticed that when i draw on the tablet if i draw a perfect circle on the tablet the actual lines drawn are very squashed and long. This makes it very difficult to draw and use the tablet properly. I have tried multiple drawing apps including Huion Sketch, Art Flow and others. while everything is drawing in this way the tablet is unusable. Does anyone have a solution? Thank you
  • Hi Mehul Bhavsar, thank you for posting your issue. It may be possible that your tablet did not automatically change to phone mode when you connect it to your phone. To manually enter to phone mode, please press the button 1 and 6 for 3 seconds as shows in the image below:

    Please note that the press keys are not supported in phone mode; both the tablet keys and digital pen buttons.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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