1060 p pen offset issue

I'm having offset issues with my 1060 p pen after i tried to use the tablet on another display linked with my pc. i'm still having these problems even on my pc, on wich i worked for almost 2 years. i've already followed the instructions for the offset issues given in past topics.

hope for a fast answer.

  • Hi Vittorio Di Vozzo, kindly take a video of your issue together with your tablet driver settings so we can assist you further. Please send the following to service@huion.com:

    • Purchase order number
    • Link where you purchased your tablet
    • Serial number of your tablet which can be found at the back of the tablet itself
    • Your video or the link of your video. You can send the video through WeTransfer or upload to Dropbox or Google Drive and make sure you remove the restriction so anyone who has the link would be able to view it.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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