Is anyone able to get in contact with support?

I ordered the 3-in-1 cable CB01 because the one I had before broke. I placed the order last Friday and requested expedited shipping. I kind of figured it would get here this week but it hasn't shown up yet.. I tried to email support and it created a ticket that has been processing for 2 days with no answer. I'm getting kind of antsy and I really want the cable because I can't use my tablet without it. Can someone help me? Is anyone else having trouble getting in contact with support?

  • Yeah, I submitted a ticket 6 days ago with no answer. I did see that they started to answer older forums only yesterday...forums that are 20+ days old. Hopefully they get in touch soon. I need my whole tablet replaced. Haven’t drawn in a week.

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  • Yeah, I haven't drawn in a bit either.. I really want to :(

  • I received two replies from customer service and support this morning, so I think they are back to work (after an extended holiday break).

  • I've got a new tablet and emailed support over a week ago.... no response yet.  

  • I was able to live chat last night and provided everything they asked, I haven't gotten confirmation yet that they have everything yet but hopefully tomorrow


  • I bought a kamvas 13 5 days ago, they gave me a order number, and when I try to see the process of the order it says the order does not exists. So I emailed them and tried the live chat, and the only "response" I've got is that they are in holidays, but supposedly these holidays ended 11 days ago
  • If they don't get on the ball with support they are going to start loosing customers. I hope they do. I bought my tablet using Amazon.  Amazon helped register it for the warrantee, Huion US would not give me the time of day, yet alone the URL to register it. My first tablet had a streak of dead pixels,  Amazon exchanged it for me. Huion is lacking in customer service and I realy do hope they pick it up.

  • Hi Everyone, we apologize for the delay in our responses. Due to the holiday and the current situation, we have several tickets to reply to. Rest assured we are doing our best to address your concerns as soon as we can. Based on our records, we have replied to all of your tickets by far. Hoping for your patience and understanding in this matter.

    Jarrett Vann, thank you for your insight. We can assure you that we will continue to improve our support services.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Agreed on the lack of support being pretty ridiculous. I was loving the tablet, and agreed with the reviews on Amazon but none of them mentioned the horrible support. I understand a holiday break, but the break was up until the 9th and I have bumped in the live chat a couple times and theyre still offline. Not to mention mine was working fine and the pens stopped working, it seems like it would be an easy fix they don't care to answer, especially when I have provided information on my own trouble shooting such as reinstalling drivers, restarting PC, etc. As it currently stands, my tablet is a monitor and not much else, and not one worth 300 dollars.

  • Yeah... i'm sorry to hear about everyone's situations here. Thankfully in my case i've gotten an email explaining their situation and confirmation that my package has been shipped. The amount of time it took to ship a simple cable is kind of unacceptable though. Especially because I paid for expedited shipping. I understand why they're going through delays but maybe don't offer expedited shipping if you know it can't be done at the moment...
  • Hi Joi Strider, thank you for your suggestion and for your concern. The reason why we still have that option is if the item you've ordered is available in a warehouse nearest you which is outside of China, we will ship the order from that warehouse. However, if it's not, then it will be from our factory in China, which is what happened in your case. We apologize for the delay and your understanding matters a lot.

    We appreciate your suggestion and rest assured we will continue to make our services better. Your suggestions will always be welcome. Thank you!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello, I need some support with my Kamvas pro 20.  I have downloaded the software on my computer and it shows "device connected."  Both cords are plugged into the computer from the tablet.  BUT the tablet only shows what is on the desktop screen display.  The tablet screen doesn't allow for drawing there -- it is only mimicking the desktop screen.  How do I change this so I can work with the tablet screen?  Thank you.  Chris 

  • My email is   Thank you

  • You have to open a program like Photoshop, Gimp, or Krita to actually use the tablet. it needs a program to do work in.