GT-191(V 2) USB disconnecting

My GT-191(V 2) USB disconnecting  regularly(in every few second),and sometimes windows popup message shows USB device not recognized.

I have Done The following

1.reinstalled the firmware and driver

2.changed the USB cable

3.changed the PC

But the problem not solved.

Please Help to resolve the problem.


  • I kinda had the same problem. The pen on my GT 220 V2 didnt work at all no matter what I tried. I figure it must be that the drivers of Huion and WIndows are bugging each other out and causing issues. What i did to fix it and i may have just been lucky, was just completely wipe the huon drivers. Go into your folder and just delete the whole file. Restart and see if that helps. it sucks that the it has to be this way but it was the only way I was able to get my monitor to register my pen again. Still works as of this moment.

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  • I tried all the way, pen working properly. But every few second usb disconnecting and connecting. And windows pop-up message shows usb device not recognized or malfunctioned.
  • Hi Dinesh Nair,  sorry for the late reply. I believe we have addressed your issue through your ticket. We will mark this post as resolved.

    Hi Stephanie Barrett, thank you for the contribution in this post.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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