Pre-Order Kamvas 13 Problem


I'm worried that my order either did not go through, or I have 2 orders for the same thing. I tried to order the Kamvas 13 but after putting my details and card number in the Paypal window, I clicked the submit button, but that window vanished with no confirmation/order number and I've received no email from Paypal or Huion confirming my order. My bank account shows a charge AND credit for the order. So I created an account on and tried to order again. Once again, no confirmation/order number, no email, and another charge AND credit back to my debit card for the order.

1) Did the order(s) go through? If not, any idea why the Paypal screen just disappears? I'm just trying to get this ordered.

2) If they did go through, I need to cancel one of them.


  • Nevermind, I my order finally went through.  Even using my Debit card through my Paypal account didn't work. So I used my checking account through Paypal and it finally went through. 

  • Hi Robert J Branham, thank you for your post. I was able to pull up your order for the Kamvas 13. You don't have to worry since we only have 1 successful order from you for the said tablet model. Thank you for choosing HUION!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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