GT-191 V2 Stylus won't work with Photoshop

My pen pressure just WILL NOT work in Adobe Photoshop 2019; I have the most up to date drivers because I only got the tablet a week ago. I tried the Wintab  trick, disabling Windows Ink, enabling pen pressure in the photoshop UI-- No dice, I cannot get any variation with pressure! And I tested it in the Huion driver pressure test and that works fine.

  • Hi  King Vic , thank you for posting your issue. May you please answer the following questions so we will know how to proceed:

    1. Aside from the tablet driver, have you tried using another drawing software and does your pen pressure work? 
    2. Are you using a Windows computer? If you do, I would like you to test your tablet on a software I will send to you through WeTransfer. Kindly download it and take a video as you use your tablet so we will know if the pen pressure works in the said software.
    3. Kindly try to uninstall and reinstall your tablet driver and check if it will resolve your issue. (Note: Please make sure your tablet is not connected to your computer while installing the driver. Doing so might cause issues in the tablet's performance.)
    4. If reinstalling the tablet driver does not resolve your issue, whatever the result is in Step #2 above, please provide the following information to so we can assist you further:
      • Product order number;

      • Product serial number (S/N), which can be found at the back of your unit;

      • Link where you purchased the item;

      • A video that clearly shows your issue (kindly send it through WeTransfer or upload to Google drive and grant permission to allow anyone with a link to view it).

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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  • Okay Update! I tested the driver thing after completely disconnecting my tablet, and behold! It works! I have no idea why that specific thing caused issues, but I'll roll with it. Thank you for the prompt response!

  • Hi King Vic, thank you for the update and I'm glad that your pen works now! Feel free to reach out to us again if you need assistance in the future. Enjoy using our product!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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