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Hi. I am using a Huion 420. Today, I accidentally dropped my pen on its tip, and now it is glitching out. I've tried everything; changing the tip, changing the battery, and leaving it alone for a few hours. But my pen still won't work. Is there anything I can do about it?

  • Hi Phoenix, thank you for reporting your problem and I'm sorry to know about your pen. All Huion products come with a one year warranty. This applies to all purchases made from our authorized online and offline platforms that can be found in our system. However, I'm sorry to inform you that man-made damages are not covered with this warranty. Please feel free to purchase a new pen through this link: Battery Pen P68.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi, I just got my new tablet kamvas pro 13 and I can't get the pen to work, I don't know if installed right. please help.

  • Got got the tablet for Christmas Pens we’re working but just stopped working.
  • Hi  India Gore, I saw you have sent an email to us. I will assist you further through there. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi  Alma Mikkola, thank you for contributing to this forum post. Kindly try following the steps below:

    1. Uninstall the tablet driver that is currently installed on your computer, unplug your tablet and plug it back in. Make sure there are no other tablet drivers installed on your computer. Having multiple tablet drivers installed will cause issues.
    2. Try using the tablet without the driver installed. If it works, then the issue is with the driver. If it still doesn't work, then it may be due to some other reasons which we need to further troubleshoot.
    3. Unplug your tablet from your computer again and reboot your computer. 
    4. Install the latest driver for your tablet form this link: Kamvas Pro 13 Drivers. (NOTE: Make sure you do not connect your tablet to your computer while installing the driver. Doing so will cause issues such as this.)
    5. After installing the driver, please connect your tablet back to your computer and test if the pen works and check if the tablet driver shows "Device connected".

    For more information on how to properly install the tablet driver, please check out these articles:

    If reinstalling the driver does not resolve your issue, kindly send an email to with the following information:

    • Product order number;
    • Product serial number (S/N), which can be found at the back of your unit;
    • Link where you purchased the item;
    • Operating system of computer;
    • Driver version installed;
    • A video that clearly shows your issue (kindly send it through WeTransfer or upload to Google drive and grant permission to anyone with a link to view it).

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • My pen just started to randomly glitch out. I did nothing to it and I have tried changing the tip, leaving it alone, but it just keeps glitching. How do I fix it?

  • Hi Carys Walker, kindly uninstall your driver, unplug your tablet, then plug it back in. Then test if you still experience the same issue even without the driver. If you don't, then the issue was caused by the driver so you can just reinstall the driver. When installing the driver, please make sure that your tablet is not connected to your computer, your antivirus is turned off, and all your drawing programs are closed. 

    Also, please try to use a different program and check if you still experience the same glitch. If you don't, then it is possible that it is caused by the program you are using so kindly reinstall the said program or use a different or updated version of that program. Try using a different computer as well and check if you still have issues with your pen.

    If you still have the same issue even without the driver and after doing all the above-mentioned steps, it is possible that your issue is caused by the pen itself. Kindly send an email to so we can further test your pen's performance using our software and provide the following:

    • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
    • Order number
    • Version of the tablet driver you've installed
    • Your computer's operating system
    • A link to your video that captures your issue and please make sure that we can clearly see your pen and your screen. You can send the video through WeTransfer or upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive. If you upload it, please make sure to remove the restriction so anyone who has the link can access it.
    • Please add a note regarding the steps you've done so far

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello, I bought my Kamvas Pro-13 around January 2021.  It was working great until today when my pen (Brush) won't work.  I drew yesterday with it no problem, but today it won't draw in Medibang or any other art program.

    It has NEVER been dropped..  Not sure if it's a driver error?  I went to re-install driver but it forces me to use WinZip and that is not my unzip program. (Please allow downloads to use other unzip programs)

    It might just be a setting? perhaps I accidentally toughed a side button on my tablet?  Can someone please help me?

  • Hey George Kline! It might help to charge both the tablet and the pen. Also, if you leave it alone for a couple days, that might help too.
  • Hello. 

    I'm having a problem since last year with my pen. I have a Huion HS64. It worked properly until one day that i was drawing and it stopped working. I tried restarting my pc and trying it in a laptop and didn't even work. In the driver says that the device is connected, but when i move the pen doesn't do anything.   

  • Hi George Kline and Lemmonie UwU, please try the following steps:

    1. Uninstall the tablet driver, unplug your tablet from your computer and plug it back in. Test whether your pen works even without the driver. (NOTE: This step is not applicable if you are using MacOS Catalina or Big Sur; you need a driver for these operating systems)
    2. If the pen works even without the driver, then the issue is caused by the driver so you just need to unplug your tablet again and reinstall the driver. You can download the driver from these links:
    3. If the pen still has issues without the driver, please send the following to so we can further test your pen using our software:
      • Serial number (found at the back of your tablet, right after S/N)
      • Order number (if your purchase is still within the warranty)
      • Your computer's operating system and version 
      • The version of the driver you've installed

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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