Unresponsive Pen and Can't Disconnect from PC (gt-156hd vr2)

Hi, I'm trying to get my tablet set up, and so far I've been able to get the screen of the tablet to show what would be on the screen of my PC. When I scroll the cursor over, I can get it to appear on the screen of the tablet, but I can only operate it through the mouse of my PC. The pen is unresponsive, and is charged.

The other issue is then when I turn the tablet off, it makes my PC unresponsive. The screen of my PC stays black, and has no cursor and the HD/processor just runs. From that point, the only way I can get it back to normal is to do a manual forced shutdown. Could someone please help me with this? Thank you

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  • This issue has been resolved. If you encounter similar issues, please send an email to Thank you!

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