Confused on how to connect your tablet display to your computer? This video will show you how.

  • Part 1: For 19-inch or bigger tablet displays
  • Part 2: For 12 to 16-inch tablet displays using 3-in-1 cables


  • When using a desktop computer, make sure the HDMI/VGA/DVI end of your cable is connected to your video card, if you are using a dedicated video card. 
  • Always connect both the USB and the HDMI/VGA/DVI cables to your computer (except when using the USB-C cable when you are only using one cable; the USB-C)
  • When using a Mac computer, you may need to use an HDMI to MiniDP adapter. Please do not use HDMI to USB adapter since this will result in a "no signal" error.

If you have issues in connecting your tablet display to your computer, feel free to contact us at