How to Connect your Tablet Display to Your Computer

Are you confused about how to connect your tablet display to your computer? This video will show you how to connect your HUION Tablet Display cables to your computer correctly.


  • When using a desktop computer, ensure your cable's HDMI/VGA/DVI end is connected to your video or graphics card (if you have a dedicated or separate one) and not to your motherboard. 
  • Always connect the USB and the HDMI/VGA/DVI cables to your computer (except when using the full-featured USB-C cable, wherein you only need to connect the full-featured USB-C cable to your computer).
  • When using a Mac computer, you may need an HDMI to MiniDP or USB-C adapter. Please do not use HDMI to USB-A adapter since the USB-A port cannot support display connectivity and will result in a "no signal" error.

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