How to correctly clean the screen of Huion pen display?

Since the surface of the pen display is a protective glass cover with a hardness of up to 7H, compared with ordinary displays, pen display products have better protection for the display screen and better load-bearing. But no matter how long the protection time is, it will inevitably leave dust, sweat stains, or even oil stains. At this time, we need to clean the glass surface. For details, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Use the unique cleaning cloth in the product box. Of course, you can use glasses cloth or microfiber cloth either. This material is more delicate and will not scratch the screen.

  2. Please turn off the power of the pen display before cleaning so that it is easier to see the dirt on the surface and it is more safety.

  3. Wipe it with a cleaning cloth to wipe off a layer of floating and sinking on the surface.

  4. If you change the angle appropriately, you may find that some dirt has not been wiped off. You may need to use a unique screen cleaner(the cleaner contains isopropyl alcohol up to 70%-75%; otherwise, it may damage the screen).  

    Note that the liquid must not penetrate into the equipment to avoid damage to the equipment.

  5. Finally, clean the wiped area with a dry cloth. After completion, remember not to turn on the device and dry the device before turning on the device.

  6. Don't forget to wash the used cloth with soap.

Common wrong cleaning methods:

1. Wipe with a paper towel or rough towel, it would be easy to scratch the screen;

2. If you spray the display with water, the liquid may quickly penetrate the pen display, and the water stain would leave on the screen;

3. Cleaning with alcohol or other chemical solvents will have side effects on the screen display.

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