What is a Light Leakage?

Light leakage or backlight bleeding happens when the screen’s Liquid Crystal Display or LCD and the frame do not fit tightly, causing the light of the lamp to be directly emitted. The light leakage of an LCD screen is normal to a certain extent due to the structural characteristics of the LCD screen itself. Generally, the LCD screen will have a slight light leakage during the assembly process, which cannot be avoided.


The basic technology of the screen itself will not be affected by the light leakage such as brightness, response time, life, etc. Our tablet display screens use the latest embedded panel technology, that is to say, the bezel is placed on the screen after it is done unlike the thick bezel of the old-style monitor. Since the screen is attached to the panel, the front panel cannot be closed to the back panel, nor can it be pressed tightly, resulting in this condition which is normal.

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