How to Set Up & Use the Radial mode on Huion Inspiroy Keydial KD200, Inspiroy Dial Q620M and Mini Keydial K20 & KD100?

This article will introduce how to set up and use the dial functions for Huion Inspiroy Keydial KD200, Inspiroy Dial Q620M, and Mini Keydial K20 & KD100 and their applications. 

All Huion Inspiroy Keydial KD200, Inspiroy Dial Q620M, and Mini Keydial K20 & KD100 are equipped with a controller. This dial utility can customize three paired functions in the driver and set more Radial functions in the computer Windows system. This function supports more shortcut utilities, then let’s demonstrate how to set up the Radial function.

*Note: the Radial Controller Protocol mode is suitable for Windows 10 and its above system

Wheel Settings in Windows System

Huion Inspiroy Keydial KD200 & Inspiroy Dial Q620M & Mini Keydial K20 & KD100 have the same setting method:

  1. Open Settings in your Windows system

  2. Find Devices in your Settings

  3. Find Wheel in Devices
                            (Step 1)                                                                                 (Step 2)

                                                                            (Step 3)

Default Settings

There are four default tools: Volume, Scroll, Zoom, and Undo. Each function can be selected by clicking and adjusting through left and right rotation.

Customized Settings

Most functions can be set in Custom Tool. Thus, you can set different shortcut functions in various software.

If one custom tool cannot satisfy your needs, scroll down the Custom Tool of the Wheel Setting, then App tools. You can then add extra software you use regularly.

Below are the PowerPoint and Photoshop examples: 

PowerPoint example:

Step 1: Add PowerPoint app to the App tools

Step 2: Give your preferred function a name, and set your shortcut combinations:

                                               (left and right drop-down menu example)

For example, the settings above mean rotating to the right switches to the next page, rotating left switches to the previous page, and clicking the middle of the dial means starting the presentation from the current page.

Step 3: When you open the PPT and long-press the center of your dial, you can see the interface below. Click it to select the PPT presentation function, and then you can begin your presentation.

The same method can also be applied in Photoshop, for example:

Step 1: Add Photoshop app to the App tools

Step 2: Give the function a name, such as Brushes Adjustment, then set it to rotate the dial right to zoom the canvas and turn it to the left to shrink the canvas and set the middle button of your dial to bring up the brush adjustment interface.

Step 3: Open your working app, then long-press the middle button of your dial and choose your named function, Brushes Adjustment; then you can use it!

You can add different custom tools in your wheel settings like the above, thus switching various functions freely when you open each drawing software, significantly improving your working efficiency.

After the Wheel Settings is finished, when you use dial shortcut functions, remember the following:

For Huion Inspiroy Keydial KD200, select the Radial in the Dial Settings to open the Radial Mode, long-press the menu button and begin drawing. 

For Huion Inspiroy Dial Q620M, click the Enable Windows Radial to open the Radial Mode, then long-press the middle part of the dial. You can see this interface, then begin your creation.

For Mini KeyDial K20 and KD100, select the Radial in the Dial Settings to open the Radial Mode, long-press the middle button of your dial, and begin drawing.

Radial Function Application Example

  • Combined Usage with Microsoft Surface

Microsoft Surface is the native use environment adapted to the Dial, and the system is Windows, which will be more comfortable to use and reduce compatibility issues. 

The advantage of the Huion Q620M, K20, and KD100 is that you can simultaneously use the dial with a pen tablet or a simplified keyboard. Especially if you’d like to use a big-sized Surface studio, KD20 & KD100 has the dial and a simplified keyboard that would be more helpful to enhance your working efficiency. 

  • For 3D Modeling

Many functions need to be adjusted for 3D modeling. The Dial can be easily adjusted by the left and right rotation and middle-click functions. At the same time, the Dial can easily change multiple soft functions, such as changing Zoom, Color, and Undo, more quickly.

Adding the shortcut keys of Q620M, K20, and KD100 is equivalent to adding a lot of other settings in the driver. Compared with a single screen and Dial combination, the shortcut keys/keyboard and the Dial combination will improve the 3D Modeling efficiency. 

  • For Painting & Drawing

Although a Dial has multiple shortcut key functions for engineering, drawing, and painting, Q620M, K20, and KD100 with a tablet and simplified keyboard will be more practical and can achieve various shortcut combinations and utilities. Although, one dial can perform multiple functions.

In addition to painting and engineering drawing software, it can also be used on PDF Review Software. This application matches more with the definition of our pen tablet and pen display.

  • Use with Universal Windows Platform (UWP) Apps

UWP app can be downloaded in the Win10 application store. Part of the dial function by default, and you can use them directly. In addition to painting software, the UWP apps have other software adaptations, such as music (Spotify) and notes (OneNote).

More dial functions are waiting for you to explore and experience. Here are the dial setting instructions for Huion Inspiroy Dial Q620M and Mini Keydial KD100. Hoping the contents above help you set your dials, thus combining them with your tablets to create more efficiently.

For more detailed information, please visit:

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 For KD100, Click me!

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