How to set up the Dial on Inspiroy Dial 2?

The article will introduce how to set up and use the dial functions on Huion Inspiroy Dial 2. The dial controller can work on Inspiroy Dial 2, Inspiroy Dial and Mini Keydial.

Dial Mode

  • How to use Dial?

For Inspiroy Dial 2, it features Dial and RaDial mode. You can customize different functions for each dial controller. The dial controller consists of a button in the center and a scrolling dial. In the Dial mode, the button in the center can be used for switching between the functionality. And the scrolling dial is designed for achieving functions. There are three sets of functions in total, which will show on the screen when you switch them.

  • How to set Dial mode?

Click Dial option in Huion driver, and choose to Customize or adjust the Dial's sensitivity.

  • How to set and use the functions?

1. Method

Click the Dial on the driver to call out the setting menu, and you will find three pairs of functions. Choose the function you want to do some settings for calling out the detailed setting interface.

Function introduction


In the Dial mode, it has three functions as default: Zoom in/out, Adjust brush size and Scroll up/down.


You can set the functions with the previous/next song and volume settings.

③Customize the Feature

You can also name and customize a pair of functions in the Dial mode. For example, you can set Ctrl+-/Ctrl+= to zoom in/out the canvas in Photoshop.


You can set the function that you don’t need with non-function.


You can freely rename the three pairs of functions to locate them quickly.

RaDial Mode

To learn more about Radial Mode, please read this article.

For more information about Inspiroy Dial 2, please click here.

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