2020/06/16: High Ticket Volume

Good day!

We are getting a higher than usual ticket volume and we, at Huion Customer Support, are doing our best to reply to your tickets the soonest possible. 

You may notice that if you have more than one ticket with the same issue, some of your tickets are closed. This is due to either our system automatically closing multiple tickets and merging them, or we manually merge multiple tickets so we can focus on one ticket to better assist you. If you already have a ticket and to avoid having multiple tickets, you can either reply from the email or you can log in to your support account using this link, https://support.huion.com/, and click "Tickets". Open your ticket and you can send your reply from there. You can see all Open and Pending tickets right away or you can choose "All Tickets" from the drop down to see even the closed ones.

Moreover, kindly check your Spam or Trash folders as well in case our replies are not found in your Inbox. To ensure that you don't miss any of our communications, please add our email to your mailbox whitelist. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding as we continue to work hard and find ways to better assist you. 


Huion Customer Support Team