When To Update or Not To Update Your Firmware

Recently, we noticed that some issues were encountered after updating the firmware. After looking into the issues, we have determined that some users are updating their firmware even when there is no need to. So when do you need to update your firmware and when not to? 

When you check the firmware page in our official website,  https://www.huion.com/firmware.html, only the following tablet models are listed that need a firmware update:

  • Pen Tablets:  H420X/H580X/H610X/H430P/H640P/H950P/H1060P/H1161/H610PRO V2/RTS-300/RTM-500/RTP-700/HS64/HS610/HS611/H320M/G930L/Q630M
  • Pen Displays:  Kamvas Pro 12/Kamvas Pro 13/Kamvas Pro 20/GT-191 V2/Kamvas 16(2021) /Kamvas pro 13(2.5K)
  • Accessories: K20

If your model is not on the list, it means that you don't need to update your firmware. However, even if your tablet is on the list above, you have to check when your tablet was manufactured. If it was manufactured in 2019 or 2020, you don't have to update your firmware as well. 

So how to know when your tablet is manufactured? If your tablet's serial number starts with a "9" or a letter (example: 9xTxxSHxxxxx or AxDxxSHxxxxxx), there's no need to update the firmware. 

If you need to update your firmware, check out this article on How to upgrade the firmware for Huion product.

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