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Pen only with usb cable


i have a problem with my pen. It only works while connected via usb.

I googled and found people with the same problem. And they got

a new pen send by you guys. 

So I opened a tiecket. But since 5 days, nobody is answering.

Can I get any advice on what to do???


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I'm having the exact same issue. I bought a Huion GT 221 Pro with a rechargeable pen on 6th October 2019. Its only been two days and I'm already facing problems. The pen is not holding

charge even after putting it to charge for 2-3 hours. Its always white light thats lighted
on the pen when it is put to charge. It is nothing like the manual. I never seen the pen having
a orange or any other color than white. The pen only works when I put to charge and I deliberately need to use the pen with the cable hanging on the tail of the pen. So this is the problem that I'm facing and when I went online its not just me, lot of people are having the same issue. Not even 1 single person had the solution to this problem. Kindly update this post if your problem is solved or you are given a new pen by Huion.

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