In some cases, to improve the performance of our product, we will release some new firmware. If you are wondering whether the firmware version in your Huion product is the latest or not, or if you have no idea about how to upgrade the firmware properly, the guideline below is for you. You will learn how to check the firmware version and upgrade the firmware properly for your Huion products in the following article. 

Part 1. How to check the firmware version for Huion pen tablet/display

For V14 and V13 driver

 1. Open the driver panel


 2. Click About and press the following four keys in sequence on the keyboard: "Ctrl" v" e" r"  (make sure the device shows "Device connected" otherwise this won't work)


3. Contact Huion Customer Support through and provide the following information so our customer support team can assist you in confirming whether you have the latest version or not:

  • Product serial number
  • Firmware version

Part 2. How to upgrade the firmware properly

1. Make sure your operating system is Windows.

2. Make sure your tablet is disconnected from your computer.

3. Open the “Huion firmware update tool”

4. Click Continue for the next step


5. Click the Connect button, and plug the tablet's USB cable to the computer.


 6. When the computer recognizes the tablet, it will show ”Connected”



7. Click the LOAD button.



8. Then click Start to program the firmware until it shows Programming success! and re-connect the tablet.



Congratulations! Your tablet now has the latest firmware! Enjoy using our product!