Huion Kamas pro 24 pen issues. lags and freezes

hello, I recently upgraded to a Kamvas 24 pro from a Kamvas GT-191. My 191 was my first display tablet and I had it for 4 years with no issues. But I decided to upgrade for the charge-less pen, hotkeys and better color payoff. I was hesitant because it was still so new and there weren't any notable reviews, but because my prior model didn't give me any issues I decided to stick with another Huion product and take a chance. I received my 24 pro late August 2020 and it was working fine until recently- September 24th 2020. The pen lags and freezes, jumping all around my screen, this happens every few minutes making it very aggravating to draw. I never had pen issues with my GT-191. In fact I reinstalled the driver to my 191 to test if it was my PC giving me the freezing issue but the pen performed just fine. For spending 900 dollars on this upgrade and it already giving me issues not even a month in makes me worry for the longevity of this investment.
here are the things I've tried so far to fix this issue:
-no firmware needed
-Uninstall and reinstall the driver/ reinstalled my art programs/ restarted PC
-changed USB ports
-Turn off windows ink
-Set the tablet driver priority to high in task manager
This happens with every art program I use and even just using the pen for basic desktop navigation. 
I have a windows 10 home laptop on a 64-bit operating system. 

(11.7 MB)
  • Hi Cristine Mason, we are sorry to know about the pen issue you have with your Kamvas Pro 24. Thank you for providing a video of your issue and the steps you've done so far. I will convert this post to a ticket so we can do one final test on your tablet. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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