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My GT-191 v2 tablet has malfunctioned

My kamvas GT-191 v2 drawing tablet has stopped working correctly. It is suddenly not detecting my pen correctly anymore, it has worked fine up until now, and then just stopped registering the pen anymore while I was drawing. Reinstalling the drivers hasn't done anything, and the problem persists on different computers.

Things I tried:

- Reinstall the drivers.

- Try on a different computer.

- Change pen nibs.

Are there any other possible solutions? Any assistance would be appreciated. (I own one pen, so I can't test if the issue lies with the pen.)

The issue:

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Hi Cas.vmeurs, thank you for the video and for providing the steps you've done so far. I will convert this post to a ticket so we can test your tablet using our QC software.

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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