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Huion H640P- Tablet connected to driver but still isn't working

I have the Huion H640P Tablet, and I downloaded the driver just yesterday. The driver says that the device is connected and the tablet is on, but it doesn't work when I hover the pen or use any of the buttons on the tablet. Someone plz help!!

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Boa Tarde. O mesmo problema que eu já havia relatado anteriormente voltou. Na primeira vez seguí os passos, desinstalei o programa e instalei de volta e funcionou. Porém agora esse método não está mais funcionando. 

Hi Elissa Seadi, it is unfortunate to know that your issue recurred. May I know the driver version you are using? If you are not using the Driver_14.8.137.1273, please try using this said version and let me know if your issue still continues.

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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