Pen doesn't work properly

My pen has worked good till today. (H640P Inspiroy)

When I used it without the driver only a square area of the tablet would work, but with the driver active it would work good.

Today, when I activated the driver, the cursor didn't even show up.

I thought the solution was downloading the newest version of the driver, so I installed the version Driver_14.8.90, but nothing changed, not even when i changed the tip.

The lights of the tablet are on and work properly, the driver says "device connected", it's just the pen that doesn't work.

  • Hi Elejelek626, looking at the video you've provided, it looks like you have manually changed your tablet to phone mode. Kindly try pressing buttons 1 & 5 simultaneously for 3 seconds to exit the phone mode. Article: How to Manually Set Your Tablet to Phone Mode.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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