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Kamvas Pro 16 Pen Pressure Sensitity Jumps in slight strokes


I recently bought the Kamvas pro 16 and haven't had any problems with it until now. 

When i'm sketching in photoshop 2020 I'll be making small slight strokes and the tablet will read it as full pressure and leave a dark line.  this problem only just came up and i did not notice anything like this before.


These all have roughly the same pressure when i made them but some jump really dark.  I recently updated windows and that's the only thing that's changed since the problem started happening. 

Hey guys,

So i figured out that it wasn't the tablet. I went into the huion program to test it in the program and it was fine. It was photoshop 2020 that was freaking out.

I followed this guide and it works fine now.

If it changes at all i'll update my post.

Hi Reece Devine, thank you for sharing. You can also check our solutions article about this using this link: Solutions for Photoshop Malfunction after Win 10 Updates.

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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