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Pen stops working after 10 seconds of no use

So having bought my daughter a fantastic new computer and kanvas16, followed all instructions,everything connected the way it should be,correct driver etc. My issue is that after 10 seconds of the pen not being used,it fails to recognise it after,I have tried all the fixes etc nothing changes it. Swap usb into different port works fine until you stop drawing again for 10 seconds. So frustrating. I have seen a lot of posts regarding this issue on this and other forums,I am a technophobe and trying to get this to work for my daughter whilst in lockdown before we both go crazy,please help!

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Hi Ross Redgrave, does your tablet driver show "Device connected"? When the pen stops working, does the tablet driver still show as "Device connected"? Aside from answering my questions, kindly provide the information below so we will know how to proceed:

  1. Your computer's operating system and version
  2. The tablet driver version you've installed
  3. Your tablet's serial number (found at the back of your tablet)
  4. Drawing programs are you using and the version

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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My computer os is windows 10 ryzen 7,the tablet driver I installed is the latest version dated december 2019. The device shows connected throughout. The drawing program I installed was sketchbook.
Serial number 99DD2SH00692

Hi Ross Redgrave, it may be possible that your pen or the 3-in-1 cable may be defective. Since you have created a ticket, I will send the last troubleshooting steps in the ticket and we will continue to resolve your issue from there. 

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support.

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