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Change work area with different program

i like to change the work area to play osu and another work area use SAI to draw but the they keep using the same work area

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Hi Cool Guy, thank you for your inquiry. Kindly checkout this article to help you set you work area for osu! and for SAI respectively: How to Customize Work Area for Specific Software. Please note though that this function is only available for driver version 14.8 or later for Windows and 14.4 or later for Mac OS. If your tablet is only compatible with an older driver version, I'm sorry to tell you that you will have to adjust it every time you change between these two software.

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

Hi there, I receive my H1161 yesterday and I have exactly the same problem.

@Orliza Amodia, the link you gave is dead. I have driver but it seems I can't find this basic option anywhere.

This tablet is useless to me if I have to set it up each time I switch software.

Hi MyNameIsTwiggy, the reason why the link was removed is because as of this time, changing the work area for different programs is not available. I have forwarded this feature request to our software engineers. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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Hi, the Firmware-Update should also cover the new experimental Desktop Mode of Android Devices for Android 10+ (phones). Keep save all! Martin
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