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Express key wont work

Express key wont work . (H640p) tried install all the drivers.but wont work after updating firmware.. Someone help me please i used express key a lot..

Hi Ernesto Lorenzo, did you encounter an error message when updating the firmware? If you did, do you have a screenshot of it or at least what you can remember of the error message?

Please try to press the express keys and check if your tablet's light will turn on when you do. If it does, then it means that the tablet can still detect the express keys. It is possible that the issue is caused by the software. But, if the tablet's light will not turn on, then it may be possible that it is a hardware issue.

If your tablet's light will turn on when you press the express keys, kindly try this: uninstall the tablet driver, unplug your tablet, reboot your computer, install the tablet driver again then plug your tablet back in. Then test your tablet again. If this won't resolve your issue, please take a video as you do the steps provided above, including pressing of the express keys and send it to You can take the video using your phone provided that it captures the issue clearly and you can send it through WeTransfer or upload it to Dropbox or Google Drive. If it's the latter, please make sure you remove the restrictions so anyone who has the link will be able to view it. Please include the following information as well:

  • Serial number (S/N) of your tablet (found at the back of the unit)
  • Purchase order number
  • Link where you purchased your tablet
  • The operating system of your computer
  • Link of the video

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

There's no Error code pop up it successfully updated the firmware but main problem is after updating, Express key wont work anymore.
Driver Version: v14.8.90
Video Link:


As you can see to in the video i already set the key (It used to work fine)
But as you can see to the video there's no one key that atleast functioning.
What should I do? The tablet and the pen is working fine. 
Disclaimer no Physical damage upon the tablet..

Hi Ernesto Lorenzo, thank you for the video and for the information. Kindly provide the firmware version of your tablet by following the instructions in Part 1 from this article: How Can I Know the Firmware Version for My Huion Pen Tablet/Display and Have it Upgraded Properly?

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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