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Canvas pro 13 is not supported by mac catalina

I contacted apple and they told me that catalina does not run the canvas pro 13 driver.

I just unwrapped my display and I have this huge problem.

i hope Huion can solve this problem as soon is possible.

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Hi Fernando, I'm sorry for the late reply. Our drivers do support and do run on MacOS Catalina. 

Kindly install the latest driver for your tablet which you download from this link: HUION Kamvas Pro 13 Tablet Display Drivers. If your tablet does not work, it may be caused by some settings issue. Please follow the steps in this article on how to properly install and setup your driver: How to Install Huion Driver on MacOS. Here's a video as well: How to install/uninstall the Huion V14 driver on MacOs.

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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