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Pen STILL not working and no reply from support


I'm getting very impatient. I reported a problem in the forum (Sasa Blissful) About the Kamvas GT-221 Pro Pen issue. I was told that if I had further issues, I should write an email to the support, which I did. In full detail with video and everything.

Now, they were unavailable because of holidays until the 2nd and it created a support ticket. But it's STILL being processed and I haven't got a reply yet!

My warranty is running out soon, as well.


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Can someone PLEASE help me?

I got an e-mail that they won't be answering e-mail's until the 10th as Chinese New Year is going until the 9th. It stinks don't it?

I also have no answer from support from 11 days.

Something is happend with huion support ?

Did they fail ?

Despite February 9th being a few days ago, and submitting a ticket after that date anyway, my ticket has been processing for two days with no reply. I'm getting impatient as well because I only ordered a new cable and also requested expedited shipping. I don't know where to go to get in contact with someone other than emailing or submitting a ticket...I haven't been able to use my tablet for over a week now and I really miss it.

Have you signed in to the account you made with them? They may not have e-mailed you a reply but have it on that personal page thing you made when you registered with them.

Yes Sign in then click tickets at the top, then click on the ticket title. That is how they answer them.

Good day everyone! In behalf of HUION Customer Support, I would like to apologize for the delay in our responses due to the extension of the holiday. Rest assured, our team is doing the best as we possibly can to reply to as much tickets as possible to catch up with all the tickets during and after the holiday. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Yes,  Jarrett Vann, is right. We encourage everyone to create an account in our support portal at Sometimes, some mailboxes treat our emails as Spam and route our emails to Spam or Trash, while others get bounced entirely. Thus, it would be best to check your ticket status in our support portal so as not to miss any of our communication.

Hi Sarah Baumann, we have replied to your ticket last Feb. 14th. Kindly refer to your ticket for further assistance.

Hi Michal Widera, we have replied to your ticket as well.

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

Hi Orliza Amodia - you replied 7 days ago. That's correct. Still waiting ...

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