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Having problems with my Kamvas GT-221 Pro


I have been having some issues with my tablet for 2 weeks now since the latest windows update, here's what hapens...

As soon as the tablet is connected to the computer, everytime I'm on someting that can scroll, it goes crazy! And then saturday I even did a fresh Windows 10 install and again, as soon as the tablet was connected, angain it goes crazy but now it even ''press'' the ctrl and other buttons but as soon as I disconnect the tablet from my PC, everything is back to normal...

I got this tablet in the summer of 2018, never had any problems with it until now and I don't know what to do! Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance!

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I kinda had the same problem. The pen on my GT 220 V2 didnt work at all no matter what I tried. I figure it must be that the drivers of Huion and WIndows are bugging each other out and causing issues. What i did to fix it and i may have just been lucky, was just completely wipe the huon drivers. Go into your folder and just delete the whole file. Restart and see if that helps. it sucks that the it has to be this way but it was the only way I was able to get my monitor to register my pen again. Still works as of this moment.

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ANd did you still keep the 8000 pressure levels!? So it would mean that the default windows drivers are enough to power Huion tablets, interesting! I'll test that! Thanks for the tip!!

Holy crap it works! But now I can't set the express keys since it's a simple Windows driver.... Is there a way to do something about this issue!?

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