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pen isn't working. non-battery pen, kamvas pro 13

The pen will not work on my tablet no matter what I  do. 

I have tried changing the nib, I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the latest huion driver. 

I have had this tablet (pen came in the box with the tablet) less than a month and it has been working perfectly until about 3 hours ago.  it was working fine then within a second it just stopped and nothing I do seems to get the tablet to recognise the pen (or the other way round...I don't really know how it works)

can anyone please help?

Hi Painted Lady-boy, thank you for reporting your pen issue. Since you've already tried reinstalling the driver, kindly try using your pen without the driver. If it works, then the issue is with the driver. If it still doesn't work, it may be caused by either a defective pen or defective tablet. I will convert this forum post into a ticket and we will continue troubleshooting from there.

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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thank you for your help. I've got the pen working perfectly now, Uninstalling the driver worked wonders.

I'm glad it works now! I will go ahead and close your ticket then. Enjoy using our product!

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

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