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Pen draws/ moves without even touching the tabled


I just got new HUION INSPIROY H950P. Literally unboxed an hour ago. Installed the drivers and everything is working fine except the pen. It moves around without even touching the tabled. When I try to click on something it doesn't work and I need to do it from the computer. Sometimes the pen drags files around the desktop on her own. Drawing in Photoshop is a nightmare. As soon as you choose the pen and move around the pen in the air you start drawing and can't stop until you change the tool.

Is there a way to fix this problem? 

I have H950P and... I don't have any problems with it and also I have updated the firmware and it really works with phone.

Maybe you need to change some settings in Windows like touch screen and pen support etc.?

Maybe you have a laptop with touch screen?

You can also reinstall drivers and try to update the firmware of the tablet (or reinstall it).

Hi Gabzz,

Thank you for reporting your problem. I'm sorry to know that your pen is not working fine. May you please try to change your pen's nib and make sure to insert it firmly. If that doesn't resolve your issue, please try to uninstall and reinstall the driver. Make sure that you disconnect your tablet from you computer while doing so. 

If this doesn't resolve your issue, please let me know so I will convert your concern into a ticket and we can get back to you through email on what you need to do to fix your issue. 

Looking forward to your reply so we can assist you. Have a great day!

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

Hello, I have the same problem, I received my tablet today and for hours I could not find a solution, I tried everything they say here, when I draw a ghost line that is connected to my pen, even if I do not touch the tablet. It doesn't really work with windows, pull everything in its path. I tried it with my android phone and it only works with the Huion app, but it doesn't work with sketchbook. Please any other solution?

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