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Huoin Kamvas Pro 13 issue

Hey all,

I got my Huoin Kamvas Pro 13 tablet last year around November and I started picking up issues.

This happened two weeks ago suddenly whilst I was drawing.

My pen seemed to hover or not respond at all even to pen presses onto the tablet.

I changed the nib, made sure that it spins, made sure everything is clean but it still is not responding to my light taps or movements onto the screen.

So, I reinstalled the driver, re installed everything, replugged the cords and nothing.

Im still at this problem.

Anyone know how to fix? 

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Good Day!

Thank you everyone for reporting your issues with your pens and we are sorry for the delay in replying to your posts in this forum. Rest assured we will be responding sooner moving forward.

When pen issues are still encountered after performing the basic troubleshooting steps such as restarting your computer, reinstalling the latest driver version, using a different USB port, using a different cable, and updating the firmware (only for specific models), please contact for further assistance and kindly provide the following information for speedy resolution:

  • Purchase order number
  • Product serial number
  • Link where you purchased the item
  • A video showing your issues clearly

If the pen issue only happens on specific software or programs, please provide the following information as well, in addition to the above requested information:

  • Version of driver installed
  • What software or program used and its version

Thank you for your posts and we look forward to resolve your issues when you contact us through our email support. Have a great day!

Best Regards,

HUION Customer Support

I'm waiting for a new cable that they send me arrive. I hope it solves the issue

I just got mine today and the pen won't respond :( did any of you fix it?

I also have a problem with my kamvas13pro, when trying to update the firmware the tablet stopped being recognized by the pc, test on another pc and nothing, install drivers on a mac and does not recognize it either, install old drivers and nothing, fortunately huion responded to all my requirements, However I wanted to know if someone else had this problem, the screen turns on and is recognized as a second screen, plugging the USB cable in win 10 pro recognizes an artifact, but when you install the drivers of huion this does not recognize it and obviously the pencil does not work, someone knows how to make a factory reset to these tablets? any help is useful, thank you.

my pen doesn´t work aas well, but i notice that i is becouse the usb cable is no working anymore, it started conecting and disconecting all the time and then the next day i started the kamvas and the cable was no longer working. I just made a ticket suport and now I´m afreid that Huion will not respond me. 

Yeah same just had it happen to me, pen would randomly freeze mid stroke and not follow the pen when hovering. Reinstalled everything and even tried old drivers nothing fixed it yet. 

I'm not sure but it's appear that there are some problems with this tablet's drivers. Right now in the official website you can download a "beta version" of the most recent drivers I think. However, what OS do you use?

Just got my tablet last night and I too am now dealing with a tablet that doesn't see its pen. It worked great for a brief period...

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I have the same problem here! I brought the Kamvas Pro 13 last year in November as well. Today I used it for drawing and after a few hours, the pen suddenly stopped working! Either that or the display is not registering it. 

I tried to reinstall too, unplugged it as well and nothing helped. 

Thanks in advance if anyone knows how to fix this. 

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