Pen not working on HS64

 Hello, I have had a HS64 for about two years by now and it never gave me problems until recently when the pen stopped working correctly right in the middle of a drawing. The cursor drags and glitchs, as if there was a massive lag or down right doesn't move. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers a few times, unpluging it, restarting the PC and changing the pen's nib, and even unpluging the mouse or putting it away, nothing has worked.

I have windows 10 and usually use SAI 2 and FireAlpaca.

  • Hi Alex, I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with the tablet. May I know if the issue only happened in SAI 2 and FireAlpaca or in all programmes. Please kindly perform QC test and follow the steps below:

    1. Please close and exit from the Huion Tablet driver. You can do this by right-clicking the Huion Tablet driver icon from the hidden icons found in the lower-right corner of your screen and clicking "Exit".


    2. Install our TabletQC software which you can download from this link: Huion TabletQC Tool.
    3. Check if the parameters on the left-hand side appear on the QC software. If you don't see the parameters, please unplug your tablet then plug it back in until the parameters appear, or reopen the QC software again if needed.
    4. Draw on the QC software. You can choose to have pen pressure or use different colors as you draw from the "Menu" at the top using your mouse, or press the following keyboard shortcuts:
      a. F - enter or exit fullscreen mode (you'll have more accuracy when on fullscreen mode)
      b. B - change brush
      c. C - change color
      d. E - clear or erase
    5. Try pressing the pen buttons and the tablet's express keys (if your tablet has press keys). Test the dial, touch bar, or slider if your tablet has it, and check if the parameters change.
    6. Using a phone or other external camera devices, take a video as you perform all of the steps mentioned above and send it to us (we recommend you upload the video to a cloud storage such as OneDrive, iCloud, Dropbox, or Google Drive and share the link with us. Please don't forget to grant permission to anyone who has a link to view it). Please don't use screen recording; it is essential that we can clearly see both the tablet, the display, and your hand as you perform the test. Please refer to the screenshot below on what to observe and do in the TabletQC software.


  •  The problem it's with other programs as well, like Medibang and photoshop, also it doesn't work like a cursor anymore.
    Here's a video, I hope it helps


  • It doesn't work with other programmes like Medibang or Affinity Photo, also it doesn't serve as a cursor anymore.

    Here's a link to the video, I hope it helps.

  • For some reason the url didn't paste/showed up in my last message?  Here's again, apologies for it.

  • For some reason the link didn't paste/showed up in my last message? Here's again, apologies.

  • Hi Alex, thank you for your video. We can conclude that the pen is defective. We have sent an email to you, please kindly check.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello, I have been having the same problem with the HS64 that I bought last year. For a few months now, the pen has been freezing and I can't even use it to draw or use it as a mouse. I have a macbook pro. And before it worked normally. I tried returning the drive to the previous version, but it still didn't work. Please help me resolve this as I need it for work. I'm waiting. thanks.

  • Hi Vitor Novais, I'm sorry about your pen freezing issue. Kindly try these steps:

    1. Change your pen nib with a new one and ensure there are no dust particles inside the pen tip that cause interference and malfunction.
    2. Properly uninstall and reinstall the tablet driver (or install the latest version) by following the steps in these articles:
      1. How to Uninstall Version 15 Driver (MacOS)
      2. How to Install Huion Driver on MacOS
        NOTE: Ensure only one tablet driver is installed on your computer. Having more than one tablet driver, either from us or other brands, can cause conflicts and malfunction.
    3. Check if the driver detects your tablet. If it switches from detecting your tablet to "Device disconnected", please try using another cable.
    4. Ensure your cable is securely connected to your computer. Try using other USB-A ports on your computer.
    5. If you are using an adapter, please ensure your adapter is not faulty. Try changing your adapter. 
    6. If you can access another computer, preferably with a USB-A port so you won't need to use an adapter, please test if your tablet works well on another computer.

    If you continue having issues, please provide the following so I can create a ticket for you, and we'll test your hardware further:

    • MacOS version
    • Driver version you tried.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello, i bought my HUION HS64 about 1.5 years ago today when i was using it stopped working suddenly i have tried different usb ports and reinstalled the drivers a few times the mouse courser dosen't move or pc doesn't reorganize the tab 

  • Hi Maram Mohan, I'm sorry about the issue you're having with your HS64. Does the driver detect your tablet or does it show "Device disconnected"? 

    Kindly try the following:

    1. Try using a different cable similar to that used on your tablet. The type of cable used by your tablet is similar to those on some mobile phones.
    2. If you can access another computer, please test if your tablet works on another computer.
    3. Check if your tablet's LED light turns on or glows brighter when:
      1. you connect your tablet to your computer
      2. press the tablet's press keys
      3. tap the pen on the tablet's working area.
    4. Try uninstalling the tablet driver, disconnect and reconnect your tablet from your computer, and test if your tablet works without the driver. Please skip this step if you're using MacOS Catalina or later.
    5. Try the steps in this article: What To Do When Huion Driver Shows Device Disconnected

    Please provide the following as well:

    1. Your computer's operating system and version
    2. The tablet driver you tried installing.
    3. Your drawing programs and their versions

    I await your reply. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi Maram Mohan, thank you for sharing your ticket. We will further assist you through your ticket.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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