cant seem to set working area across multiple monitors

I've just plugged my Kamvas pro 22 into a new computer and so installed the latest drivers. Previously when I switched screen on my multi monitor setup, it would switch from one monitor to another, then to a mode where it mapped the working area across all monitors at the same time. The new drivers I cant see how to do this, it only sets the working to 1 monitor at a time.

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  • Hi Mario Tapia, thank you for your confirmation. May we make an appointment with you to remote control your computer to install the V14 driver for you. We have created a ticket and replied to you, please kindly check.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Just got my Kamvas 24 4k and right away I notices these usability problems already listed.

    These are the main problematic ones.

    2. Held down mouse button preserved when jumping to the other display. (making moving windows possible see: move to 5 minutes in the video)

    3. Separate stored mapping settings for all monitors. (not critical but noticeably lacking)
    I draw a circle in my ultriwide it comes out as an ellipse.

    (6. non multiple monitor ) The pressure-curve settings should be able to adjust what pressure is registered as 100%.

    To reach 100% opacity in photoshop I have to punch a hole through the table with the pen. Too much pressure for my confort.

  • Hi Erades, I'm sorry about the issues you're experiencing with your Kamvas Pro 24 (4K) tablet. May you kindly provide the following so we can look into these items further:

    1. Your computer operating system and version
    2. Tablet driver version installed on your computer.
    3. Your tablet's firmware version - on your driver, please go to Settings then click on the Device tab.
    4. Your drawing programs and their versions.
    5. A screenshot or a video of your pressure settings on the driver.
    6. A video demonstrating the mapping issue (circle comes out as an ellipse) and the pressure curve setting issue. Please use your mobile phone or an external camera as you take the video so we can see your tablet screen and your hand as you perform the steps. 

    I look forward to your reply. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • In regards to the original issue. I've also just bought a kamvas 22 after replacing my gt156. I'm really dissappointed this issue hasn't been fixed yet, i don't understand why the feature of extended screen sharing was removed in the first place. 

    Could you send over driver 14 for Kamvas 14 or just have it as an accessible driver to download on your drivers page? Otherwise, I'm going to have to return the Kamvas as it's not fit for purpose :(

  • Hi Tiffany, I'm sorry about the issue you're having with latest driver version. I have forwarded your feedback on the extending the work area to multiple screens to our software engineers for further review. Basically, this feature was removed due to the offset issue reports we received. 

    I have forwarded the link to your email through your ticket. I appreciate your understanding.

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

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