Kamvas 22 Plus icc calibration profiles for windows 10

 I rented an x-rite iDisplay pro over the weekend to calibrate my Kamvas 22 Plus and wanted to share with you guys.
When i first connected the monitor i opend up a few older paintings and immediatly was greeted with highly oversaturated colors , nice blues turned into poisonous cyans, reds were so saturated like a real ruby , ive never seen such a pure red before, greens were much "blue-er" than expected.
So that bummed me out quite a bit. After a lot of research and trial and error, i had to find out that wiindows doesnt support wide gamut monitors (10 years after the first wide gamut monitors released !!).
But at least colormanaged  software with full xyzLUT correction can display correct colors, that is
affinity suite

on my pc

but not
Clipstudio Paint
windows ui
(several others)

so full calibration cannot be achieved on windows! but at least in your pro software!

i uploaded several profiles there , the first 2 are made with "DisplayCal" , the other 3 are made with iDisplay Profiler, the original software which comes with the iDisplay colorimeter.
They all have 99% the same color output, almost indistinguishable to my eyes, so use the one you like best.
I also calibrated my other 2 monitors (with different technologies from different years), and they all have parity in colors now, so its definitly working , i also compared it with 2 books i illustrated and its close enough to the print. You can work  with these profiles without worrying about the colors.

For Clipstudio Paint its a bit more problematic as they apparently dont have full color correction. Luckily one of my other Monitors profile acts as a sort of "Correction Profile" for clipstudio. Its not perfect but good enough to work without worrying about colors. Thats the 22EN43_29-01-2021.icm, i checked it thoroughly and this profile gets me 99% parity with photoshop. You have to select it under View -> Color Profile

i calibrated the monitor with the osd settings:
Backlight: 24 (i dont want to burn my eyes out , i lowered it to keep my eyes healthy)
Brightness: 50
Contrast: 50
Temperature: User 128/128/128
Color Effect: Standard
Hue: 50
Saturation: 50
.. so standard settings minus the backlighting.

I cant guarantee that every monitor is the same though. But since ive read about the heavy cyans and blues from other users , i guess it should be good for you too.

Microsoft is apperently working on implementing full color correction though , so maybe in a future update all progs will have nice colors on wide gamut monitors.

DONT USE THE 6-AXIS menu in the monitors osd -Color -color Effect - User - RYGCBM. That will give you heavy banding issues !
Also this Monitor only covers 92% of the srgb space and falls a bit short in the blue and purple colors (like most srgb monitors). Just something to keep in mind .

So happy painting to everyone!


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  • Thanks for the suggestion re: panels Wolfgang. Knowing the panel in the various display tablets would be helpfull. I know mine is 24" 1440p quantum dot 140% sRGB. Not having much luck finding a consumer monitor with all those combined specs to try ICC profiles for.

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