Huion Kamvas 12 no signal problem

Hi! I just bought a Huion Kamvas 12 off of Amazon, and it arrived yesterday. I took it out and plugged it into my Dell laptop using the 3 way cords. When I first powered it on, it automatically showed my desktop on the display. So, I turned it off again and went to the website to download the drivers. After that was done, I turned the tablet back on. The surface picks up on the pen and it moves my cursor around the screen, but the actual DISPLAY says "no signal." I went through numerous threads and articles about how to fix the problem (delete/redownload drivers, unplug/replug, etc) but nothing worked. I went and plugged it into my boyfriend's desktop computer, without downloading any drivers, and it worked perfectly, display and all. I went and deleted all the drivers from my laptop and plugged the display back in, but it still does not work. It's obviously not a problem with the cords since they worked just fine on the other computer. 

Has anyone else had this same problem? Is there any way to fix this? Or is it just a defect? I would really appreciate some help because I am more than a little upset. Thanks!

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