Kamvas 13 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hey there! Recently bought the Kamvas 13 from Amazon and immediately fell in love with it but recently its been having issues staying connected. I'm using the 3-1 cable and it will start a cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting. The screen will stay on but the led light will be constantly turning off then on with the windows noise signaling a device being disconnected. I've tried updating the driver (none available), reinstalling the driver, unplugging the tablet and plugging it back in but it always ends up doing this. Is this a driver issue? Cable issue? Bad tablet?

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  • Btw avan avan how does the serial of your tablet look like in the driver? 

    I already cashedback mine. But when I had the tablet I noticed that my device had no visible serial, ID or model visible in any of the drivers. It feels like its clashing with other devices, like a nameless device not knowing where to belong

  • Hi Jens Madsen, for version 15 drivers, only the driver version, firmware version and tablet model appear in the Settings area; it does not include the serial number.

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    HUION Customer Support

  • The aver aver solution don't work on my side. I'm reusing my XP-Pen in the meantime, not serious.

  • Hi laurent Labède, thank you for your feedback. 

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    HUION Customer Support

  • This thread has been continuing for 6 months and still no solution. This is not a $30 tablet, this is a professional piece of equipment and should be treated as such.

    Dear Orliza,

    I respectfully request you pass this case onto another colleague or a senior member as the only solutions you have been able to provide have been either secondary suggested by users (Huion engineers  and CEO should be ashamed of themselves) or to simply replace physical components even though there has been 1. no indication that replacing the tablet fixes any issues, 2. several points of confirmation that the issue is the driver.

    The engineers need to immediately respond to this issue by providing the customer a detailed report on what the immediate cause of the issue is and solutions they are investigating and not hide behind the wall of an outsourced customer help desk.

    They are paid professionals and must take responsibility as such. I am also informing your company that a formal complaint has been issued to both Amazon and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce for the sale of defective technology which includes drivers.

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  • So last week I was going to send an email for a replacement but I saw the aver aver's solution and at first it didn't helped that much, it only stopped when opening steam, but then I twiked it a little more (it was more about translation problems I guess) and is working waaayyyyy better this past couple of days.


    The problem didn't disappear 100% but is manageable for the time being.

    But I agree with astro criminal, this is a recent and professional piece of equipment that need to be fixed by the responsables asap and not just patched by users that are able to pin point the problem better than the brand.








  • To aver aver, THANK YOU

    The solution worked flawlessly. I literally made an account just to say this works. Previously, I was able to replicate the connect/disconnect issue with 100% consistency by physically disconnecting my tablet and reconnecting it, and also from launching Steam (other users have said this too).

    After following your instructions (and using Tyler Clancy's additional info), the Steam issue went away immediately. I killed Steam in task manager and launched it again; no issues whatsoever. I physically disconnected the tablet from my computer and plugged it back in; it loops a single time and then is completely stable afterward. No connection issues, touchscreen works flawlessly (even with the Huion Tablet app killed in task manager + disabled on startup), and no band-aid solutions requiring me to keep the pen close to my display 24/7. It just works as intended, as it should be. 

    It is absolutely ridiculous that the engineers who made this tablet did not even do a trial run of this product before selling it worldwide. If this product was tested even for a few hours, this incredibly annoying issue would have been noticed right away. 

    Since I know that most people reading this have probably spent hours trying to solve this issue, I will provide an update in a few days on whether or not this solution holds up in the long run so that users are not trying methods that do not work. I have seen a few post on this forum where users claim a solution works, and then follow it up a few hours later stating it was a failure. Hopefully I can save everyone's time and let people know if this actually works.

    I wish everyone the best, and I hope Huion gets their act together. They made a solid product and paired it with the worst possible software known to mankind. It is absolutely ridiculous that a hobbyist had to solve an issue that "professional" engineers cannot get a grasp of. 

    I will post an update shortly (hopefully within a week). If this solution is successful, I might make a video detailing how to solve this issue so that it can be accessible to as many people as possible.

    Driver version: v14.8.166.1482 (download from official website)

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  • Correction - Huion Tablet App NEEDS to be launched to use the touch screen. If I killed it in task manager, the touch display no longer worked, and the tablet just acted as a standard monitor. Still no disconnect issues though even in this state. Even better, once I launched the Huion Tablet app, I still did not get any disconnect issues, so good news there. I'll keep everyone posted on how this solution has been holding up. 

    Also I just read Ana Paula Garcia's post stating that this solution didn't work 100%. I'm getting a bit worried that maybe I called victory too early. Hopefully everything works out.

    Cheers guys. I will make posts about my experience with this solution as time goes on. Best of luck.

  • This is the only thread where people are actively discussing and trying to resolve this issue and I'm so glad I found it.

    I wanted to ask if anyone can tell if the "Windows Driver Package - Graphics Tablet" may be of any concern with making the Huion Drivers work?

    I have been trying everything and my tablet randomly worked just 3 days ago after not doing anything for a while, but now it isn't working again. And when I say not working I mean "no signal" coming up on the screen and then going black with a red imdicator. WHEN I HOVER MY PEN OVER THE SCREEN OR PRESS BUTTONS IT STILL WORKS??? And even worse, when I go on the Huion Tablet app, is still says connected.

    So this is obviously a driver issue but I have no clue what is preventing it from just connecting the damn display when everything elsw works!

  • To wouldnt you like to know,

    I'm taking a complete shot in the dark, but I had a similar issue to you a while back, so I might remember how I fixed it.

    Basically, I went into Settings > System > Display, and then clicked "detect" where it showed my current monitor configuration. After that, it popped up with a new monitor (the drawing tablet), but it still had no video. I clicked the new monitor that showed up, then I scrolled down to the bottom of the window where it says "multiple displays". I changed it from "disconnect this display" to "extend desktop to this display", or whatever setting you want it on.

    I was able to reproduce your exact issue (no video but pen works) when the setting was left on "disconnect this display", so hopefully this solution works. My guess is that windows updates mess with monitor configs, so that's possibly why it stopped working for you. Also, try using the other port on the side of the tablet to connect it to the computer if that doesn't work. If I use the middle port, my tablet just refuses to connect at all (no video or touch input).

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