Kamvas 13 Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

Hey there! Recently bought the Kamvas 13 from Amazon and immediately fell in love with it but recently its been having issues staying connected. I'm using the 3-1 cable and it will start a cycle of disconnecting and reconnecting. The screen will stay on but the led light will be constantly turning off then on with the windows noise signaling a device being disconnected. I've tried updating the driver (none available), reinstalling the driver, unplugging the tablet and plugging it back in but it always ends up doing this. Is this a driver issue? Cable issue? Bad tablet?

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  • Lucky... mine only lasted me 5 months (Bought in October 2020) before it started acting up. It became nearly unusable after 2 more months. I decided to buy a wacom cintiq 16 instead and have had no issues with them so far
  • @Tory Newsome

    IF I was a digital artist (I do online educational content/ tutoring) and needed things like pressure sensitivity, more than 13-inches of screen real-estate, multi-button pen for improved artist workflow, screen surface friction ..... I could see the Wacom Cintiq 16 as an absolute gem of a choice.

    These are however my points in considering a 2018 iPad pro 13-inch to "sidecar" with my M1 macbook:

    • I have only USB-C ports; don't plan on going the "tangled mess of wires & adapters" route. 
    • With m1 chips, Apple has substantially improved the wireless (sidecar) connection between iPad and macbook. I can also "revert" to a simple USB-C to USB-C if needed.
    • Brand. Unfortunately my experience with Huion has really put a dent in my faith in digital tablets.... broken after 12 months of EXTREMELY LIGHT USE vs likely 6+ years of moderate-to-high use .... I can at least feel safe buying something with a real reputation behind it.
    • Better portability
    • Can be used for far more than my main intended use 
    • Resale value is better
    If I can't find a reasonable solution with Huion (the way things are sounding it's going to be no solution) I will make sure that any and everyone that crosses my path interested in Huion will get my full input about it :)

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