The real difference between types of Drawing Tablets

 There are basically three types of drawing tablets;

  1. A Simple Drawing Tablet (Pen Tablet)
  2. A Drawing Tablet With Screen (Pen Display)
  3. A Standalone Drawing Tablet (That doesn't require a computer)

1. A Simple Drawing Tablet (Pen Tablet)
It's a simple drawing pad without display screen and is cheaper than other drawing tablet types. Example: Huion H1161


2. A Drawing Tablet With Screen (Pen Display)
It's a drawing tablet with display screen. You have to just connect the PC with the tablet and the PC screen will mirror on the tablet. So, you can directly work on graphics and drawing on the tablet. It's a bit expensive than Pen Tablets and comes in a bit bigger size. Example: Huion Kamvas Pro 16


3. A Standalone Drawing Tablet
It's a drawing tablet with screen that comes with PC hardware and so it doesn't require a computer to work. In short, it's a drawing computer. You can work with various photo and graphics software. It comes in bigger sizes and costs higher than both the above drawing tablet types. Example: Huion Kamvas Studio 22


  • Tablets can be broken down into roughly 3 categories. 

    • Digitizer tablets (tablets without a monitor)
    • Monitor tablets (also known as display or LCD tablets – these are tablets with a monitor)
    • Tablet PCs (PCs and tablets in one device).

    A drawing tablet that works for a particular graphic designer might not suit your style. Hence, choosing the right drawing tablet is important

  • Can anyone suggest me the best drawing tablets for personal use? My budget is low but I can manage near $500.

  • Hi Ben Scott, we have the following models that fit your $500 budget as of this writing:

    If you prefer the smaller size, you can settle to Kamvas 13, Kamvas 16 or Kamvas Pro 13. But if you want a bigger size, You can go with GT-191 V2 or the Kamvas 22 Series which is the latest model we've released. Feel free to visit our official online store at

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hi Everyone,

     Can anyone tell me. This drawing tablet is best for beginners?

    or suggest me best drawing tablet for as a beginner.

    Please suggest me a good one.

    1人 これを「好き」
  • Hi Alax John, Kamvas Pro 16 is applicable for both beginners and professionals. If you want something that can work on certain Android phones as well, you can purchase the Kamvas 13 from this link: Huion Kamvas 13. Here is the link to which phone models are compatible with the Kamvas 13: List of Compatible Devices Support USB-C to USB-C Connection with Huion Displays.

    Thank you for choosing HUION!

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Good article, i've been using a standalone drawing tablet for quite a while now and i have been impressed by the quality and performance of this type of device. 

    Regular non-display tablets are great, but they fall short when comparing to a fully fledged standalone device.

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