Inspiroy H580x freezing when minimized

My pen/cursor is freezing when my 'Huion Tablet' app is out of focus (or minimized). If I have it open on the screen but I'm focusing e.g. Google Chrome, it's still freezing. Freezing occurs every couple of seconds and lasts from half a second to a second and it cycles like that.

The problem is sovled when I either focus (have it open on the screen and focused) 'Huion Tablet' app or when I shut it down completely.

There are absolutely no issues when the app is shut down apart from me not having pen pressure benefits and other settings. The issue is consistent across whole PC.

I tried: Reinstalling driver and reverting to older versions, changing usb cable, chaning usb port, changing pen nibs, updating firmware.

Pen and tablet work mechanically perfect, the issue varies depending on if I have the app focused or not, or either completely shut. 

This started happening about 5 days ago, before that it worked well. I did nothing of significance at that time, updating drivers or anything similar.

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    Had to disable Windows Ink. Funny how it worked with that enabled until sometime ago. Well, glad that it's fixed.

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