kamvas pro 12 mouse mode misssing

I am missing game mode and mouse mode on my pro 12 and was wondering if it will ever be added to the software. i bought the tablet not only to draw but to play games with it, and not having a mouse mode on the software makes it almost impossible to play every game except for Osu. 

i am very close to buying another tablet just so i can play games because of this.

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  • Just purchased a Kamvas 16 (2021) and am very disappointed to learn these pen adjustment features have for some reason been removed since the v14 drivers, which we can also no longer download from the Huion website. Not being able to adjust between pen/mouse mode or absolute/relative settings of the pen is an absolute deal-breaker for my workflow; the tablet also needs to be useful outside of drawing software for general OS navigation and other apps, but on a large display this is painful without the ability to adjust pen sensitivity & cursor distance settings. Why were these features omitted with the newest driver update? I was hoping to replace my aging Wacom tablet but now am considering just returning the Huion, the Wacom still offers much more robust and professional pen adjustments. Bummer!

  • even when using opentablet driver, the relative mode does not work at all but instead just works like how its always been functioning. im really disappointed with this and would hope that relative mode or mouse mode is available for any tablet, even pen display ones!

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