Huion 16 Kamvas pro pen will randomly not work.

I don't know if this is a bug, but about every 3rd or 4th time I plug the tablet into my laptop (macbook pro, ventura) the pen will not work at all. This has started occurring on the first week of me receiving the brand new tablet, back in October 2023, and I've bit my tongue about it because I figured it would go away. It's extremely frustrating because it affects workflow when I need access to the tablet. 

There is a feature where if you hold the power button, you can change the brightness, RGB, and other tablet settings. Funny enough, the pen will actually work for those things in particular. I can navigate the window that pops up on the tablet and control it with the pen. But once you tap out of it, it will not function within the laptops operating system. 

The only way I've fixed this was to walk away and pray that it works when I plug it in again in around half an hour. It usually starts working again after simply letting it sit. I'm just confused why it's happening, and it appears to be random.

-I've combed through the huion application settings (checked pressure, working area, calibration, etc)
-I've tried every port in my laptop
-I've flipped the usb c cable upside down
-I've explored the possibility of a faulty cable not being plugged in all the way/being at a poor angle. 

Nothing seems to fix it instantly. Literally the only way I've had it work was to walk away and come back.

I'm questioning whether it is the cable, or the port on my tablet. One thing I noticed when I received the tablet is that the USB-C ports on it are extremely loose and wobbly and do not hold the cable in place firmly. I only use the bottom port on the tablet. But upon inspection as I am writing this, they are both wobbly and loose and not from misuse. If I am to guess, it's a quality issue.

Other than these conclusions, I'm not sure what else might be wrong.

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