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I have a Huion Kamvas Pro 20 GT1901 on Windows 11 Pro, Ryzen 7 2700X, 32GB RAM and Nvidia RTX 2060

In Affinity programs there are 3 modes of using the tablet: Low mode, High mode and Windows Ink. In Low mode is quite ok - except for accuracy. 

In High mode the quality is very good - but the problem is a double bump when drawing in high precision mode. The point is that even though I do not detach the pen from the tablet surface, the program registers 2 steps: 1) touch sometimes drawing and then 2) drawing (in other programs there is no such thing). 

In Windows Ink is the best, the quality of the pen stroke is the same as in High mode but without the double-tap. However, the problem is the lack of a right-click assigned to the pen (despite the assignment of this option in the driver). Right-click, on the other hand, works in high and low precision modes. 

The best way is to use Ink Mode - but I have to invoke the right-click with the mouse.... the solution is not visible (and the same problem is in V1 and V2... in betas too).... in other programs (Krita, Corel Painter, Photoshop, Illustrator) there is no problem with this.... I don't feel like reinstalling the system to see if "maybe it will work"....

post illustrating the problem

and my post

The most immediate solution would be for the assigned right-click option in the tablet pen to work in affinity programs in Ink Mode.... Putting down the pen to invoke a right click with the mouse is a bit annoying....

  • Hi Ireneusz Rolnik (irys), I'm sorry about the issues you're having with your Kamvas Pro 20 (2019) on your Affinity program. Kindly try updating your driver to V15.7.6.634. Please ensure to uninstall the current driver you have from your computer before installing the latest version. Moreover, ensure you don't have other tablet drivers installed on your computer, as this will cause driver conflict. Please refer to these articles:

    If the latest driver does not resolve your issue, kindly take a video of your issue so I can forward it to our software engineers. 

    Best Regards,

    HUION Customer Support

  • Hello again, sorry for being so late - I didn't get a reply notification.

    Unfortunately this did not help with any other programs I do not have this problem. But now in the latest version of the driver v15.7.6.1001 released 2024-01-11 Affinity is completely unresponsive to pen pressure in Windows Ink mode. And this was the only mode in which it was possible to work (quite seamlessly).... I had to go back to the previous driver....


    This did not help other programs. Not affected by this. Due to the latest driver version v15.7.6.1001, Affinity will not respond to pen pressure while using Windows Ink as of 2024-01-11. The only way to do it smoothly was this. I needed my old driver....



  • I am sending links to videos showing how the Affinity application works (here on the photo example, but it applies to all of them).

    You can see earlier videos on the Affinity forum (links are provided in the post). And so - I uninstalled the drivers, cleaned the registry and restarted the computer.

    First step - the system is without Huion driver - the tablet supports Windows driver. I can't set the key on the pen or the buttons on the tablet. Affinity programs work without any problems in any mode, pen pressure is active. Unfortunately, I have to configure the main screen for an LCD tablet.

    Second step - I install Huion drivers and work without restarting the system.

    In Low precision mode - it works ok - although not very accurate - sometimes lags appear. Assigned right-click to the pen - it works.

    In High precision mode - a double beat appears as if it reacted to touching the pen and then pulling it. The first quick pull usually reacts with lag. Right-click is active.

    In Windows Ink mode - there are no double strokes, pen pressure is supported. Right-click doesn't work.

    Third step - restart. After restarting in Low and High precision mode - the application responds as before. Right-click - it works. Pen pressure - it works. In Windows Ink mode - the pen pressure disappeared. Right click works...

    As you can see in the video - Affinity is the only application with problems. No problem Krita, Adobe Fresco, Adobe Photoshop or Painter...

    By the way, I note that 2-3 months ago in Windows Ink mode, the pressure worked flawlessly (although there was no right-click). After installing the new Huion driver, it stopped working. Unfortunately, after restoring the previous driver, the same thing happens. I don't know if the problem is caused by some Microsoft update or something else... But the only application with problems is Affinity. The only option when Affinity works without any problems is the lack of the Huion driver - there is no lag or double hit when drawing... I don't feel like reinstalling the system fresh - just to check "maybe it will work" - I have some work to do.


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